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Donate to NHS Chicago

Thank you for your consideration in making a gift to Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, Inc. (NHS)!

NHS is a nonprofit housing counseling agency that has served thousands of families over more than 35 years, helping to create safe neighborhoods across the city and suburbs. NHS has given more than 175,000 Chicagoans the resources or financing to help them buy or fix up their homes, or prevent them from losing their homes to foreclosure.

Whether neighbors come in for a simple question, a consultation, or an ongoing homeownership class, no other organization in Chicago is able to provide the level of one-stop housing solutions we provide here at NHS.

We need your financial support to sustain these important initiatives.

With your support, thousands more will be able to remain in their homes or have the opportunity to purchase their first home, and live in communities in which they are proud. With your help, NHS will continue to offer the critical services that make such a difference in building stronger neighborhoods and lives.

Why I give to NHS

Thomas P. FitzGibbon Jr.

Why are you connected to NHS?
T.F.: Growing up, nine of us lived in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. So I have always wanted to help people find quality and affordable housing. Through my work in banking, I knew I had a channel to add value and bring resources to the community in partnership with NHS with my banking contacts and knowledge of the banking industry.

What would happen if NHS weren't doing the work it is doing?
T.F.: There would be much more chaos with foreclosures and vacant buildings. NHS provides hope and serves as an advocate for the underserved markets and families. Without an advocate like NHS, many working families would not have the opportunities to make positive change happen in their lives and in their neighborhoods.