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Greening Your Home

NHS’ Practical Green ® Initiative is rooted in the idea that sustainable building practices can be both environmentally efficient as well as affordable to low- and moderate-income homeowners. NHS takes a practical approach to safe, healthy, and energy-efficient homes, incorporating affordable improvements that can reduce energy bills for the homeowner and generally contribute to the well-being of neighborhoods. NHS believes that green building practices can help improve the health, safety, comfort, and affordability of these buildings for all homeowners. This is especially true when a greening program focuses on better construction practices and homeowner education.

Our Practical Green ® Initiative incorporates these practices in many existing programs and services, including:

  • Workshops and education about affordable green home improvements
  • Home safety inspections
  • Lead-based paint Risk Assessment
  • Technical assistance and advice provided by NHS Construction Specialists
  • Rehabbed and new green homes for sale through the NHS Redevelopment Corporation
  • Affordable fixed-rate loans to help finance rehab work

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Our construction team members are experts in identifying and prioritizing home repair projects for maximum impact.

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