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Vintage Building Consultations

A Second Pair of Eyes

From greystones to workers cottages and bungalows to raised ranches, sometimes it’s good to have a second opinion when planning and prioritizing rehab projects. The Chicago Greystone & Vintage Home Program’s offers Building Consultations from our expert staff focused on:

  • Repairing and maintaining of key architectural details
  • Improving home health and safety
  • Energy efficiency and comfort
  • Balancing the preservation of a home’s vintage character with the need for contemporary upgrades


Call Us Before You Start a Vintage Rehab Project

Property owners receiving a Building Consultation from the Chicago Greystone & Vintage Home Program will get a report summarizing:

  • Potential rehab issues identified during a site visit
  • Recommended repairs and/or questions that should be raised with potential contractors
  • Broad cost estimates for potential repairs

They will also receive a list of potential financial resources and rebates that can make their rehab project a reality. Please note: Building Consultations are not meant as a substitute for seeking additional guidance from qualified architects, engineers, or contractors.


Eligibility & Cost

The Chicago Greystone & Vintage Home Program’s Building Consultations are available to any residential property at least 50 years old and are available Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. The cost of a Building Consultation is $250. However, thanks to the generous support of our funders, the Chicago Greystone & Vintage Home Program can offer this resource for free to homeowners in low and moderate-income neighborhoods in the City of Chicago.* Call 773-329-4114 to schedule a Vintage Building Consultation


*Based on census tract data from the U.S. Census Bureau