Neighborhood Advisory Council


Chairperson: Eric Lindsay is principal of  the Eric Lindsay American Family Insurance Agency. A long-time community resident and homeowner, he is a ten-year veteran of the North Lawndale Neighborhood Advisory Council and an eloquent advocate for the community.



Vice-Chair: Lonnie Williams

Treasurer: Karen Cole

Secretary:  Debbie Cannon brings a real-estate background to the table that has helped NHS better understand housing demand within the North Lawndale market.


Resident Members:

Brent Michel is a resident of the community and is employed by the Lawndale Christian Health Center.  His background in marketing has been extremely helpful to the local office and the Council.



Lonnie Williams is the president of the award-winning 1600-1800 S. Central Park Block Club. 




Bruce Williams has been a member of the Council for five years.  He purchased his home through NHS purchase-rehab program.

Paul Norrington is president of the 4100 W. 21st block Club. 

Marcus De La Fleur

Nellie Jones

Cheryl Washington

Business/Financial Members:

Floyd Vaughn is a life long resident of North Lawndale.  He is also an American Family Insurance agent.  A life-long resident of the community, Floyd is particularly interested in ways to improve the appearance of the community, and serves as Captain for NeighborWorks projects in North Lawndale.


Darren Tillis has used a variety of NHS services, including the financing of a gut-rehab on a building he acquired on the 1600 block of S. Central Park. Darren is both a Lawndale resident and an agent for State Farm Insurance.



Phil Snorden, Harris Bank

Sheila Barber, Citibank N.A.

Associate Members:

Ife Williams

Terry Smith