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Junction Grove, renamed Englewood, served an important function to Chicago.  As a south side hub, it connected Chicago to other parts of Illinois.  It was not until around 1840 that the land was officially settled with the United States Government.  Englewood was settled by predominantly German and Swedish farmers who arrived in the 1840s.

A Brief History
 Two events led to population increases in West Englewood, the first occurring in 1871 after the Great Chicago Fire. The second increase came with the development of the railroad lines.  The combination of open spaces for housing and the presence of railroad lines made these neighborhoods ideal for Chicagoans looking for less crowding. 


These improvements in transportation made the Englewood area an easy commute to the stockyards and downtown.  Englewood, which began as a working class district fueled by the railroad industry and stock yards, quickly created a middle income community.   
The West Englewood community became home for the fourth NHS neighborhood office in 1977, and is its longest running neighborhood program. NHS has more than 35 years of experience in educating West Englewood residents on home ownership as well as offering residents an affordable way to rehab their home.
NHS offers all of the services and training that customers need to shop for, purchase, rehabilitate, insure, and maintain a home.  NHS also has high quality, fully-rehabbed Homes for Sale or Rent in several Chicago neighborhoods through the NHS Redevelopment Corporation. Neighborhood Lending Services, Inc. (NLS), a nonprofit mortgage lender affiliated with NHS of Chicago, offers affordable fixed-rate loans for purchase and rehab of your home.  
NeighborWorks Day, "Block by Block, Resource Fair and Beautification," June 2011

Photos © 2011 by: Rick Hicaro; Chris Morey


Committed Community Residents 
Due to the declining housing market, now may be the perfect time to consider homeownership.  As a new home owner, you’ll find great bargains as well as great blocks with organized and committed community residents.  West Englewood has strong active block clubs, new schools with engineering and science programs and creative charter schools.  West Englewood welcomes new families! 


Stop by or call the NHS West Englewood Office located at 449 W. 79th Street, Chicago 60620, and ask for Carole Grant Hall, Neighborhood Manager, (773) 488-2004. She’ll be happy to answer all of your home ownership and home improvement questions.

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