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NHS is a nonprofit neighborhood revitalization organization committed to helping homeowners and strengthening neighborhoods throughout Chicago, South Suburban Cook County & Elgin. Neighborhood Lending Services (NLS), an NHS-affiliated corporation, is Illinois’ largest nonprofit lender for homeowners and new home buyers. Whether you are interested in free Home Buyer Education classes, a fixed-rate loan to buy a home, would like to fix up your home, or are trying to save your home from foreclosure, NHS has the expert help you need.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives, and strengthen their neighborhoods.

We do this by:

  • Educating and preparing new homeowners for success
  • Lending to help people buy, fix and keep their homes
  • Sustaining homeownership through foreclosure intervention services
  • Preserving, rehabbing and investing in housing
  • Building powerful and enduring community partnerships

Since it began in 1975, NHS has:

  • Served more than 219,000 families,
  • Loaned $597 Million to borrowers to buy, fix or keep their homes,
  • Educated more than 38,000 potential new home buyers,
  • Created more than 4,700 new homeowners,
  • Provided foreclosure counseling and education to more than 31,000 homeowners,
  • Saved more than 9,100 families from foreclosure,
  • Recovered/stabilized over 1,200 troubled properties
  • Served more than 4,800 families,
  • Loaned nearly $8 Million to borrowers to buy, fix or keep their homes,
  • Educated more than 1,800 potential new homeowners,
  • Saved over 800 homeowners from foreclosure, and
  • Created more than 90 new homeowners.

NHS in 2014-2015: